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Adelaide Half Marathon

Nailsworth Podiatry is my occupation and I love it, but when I'm not working I really love being fit and healthy. For me that's mostly running, cycling, yoga, gym and swimming.

This morning I ran my 17th half marathon. My finish time was 1:57:11 with an average pace of 5:33min/km. It was 9 mins slower than my fastest Half Marathon set in 2013 of 1:48:57. But it's the best finish I've had since 2014, and a great result considering my training pace sits between 5:50-6:00 min/km. I'm an intuitive runner, I'm not very focused on the stat's and the numbers. I wear a garmin watch which gives me a lot of information, but I use it more for reflection, I don't look at it much during my training or during an event, which would drive most coaches crazy. So by saying I'm an Intuitive runner, I base my effort almost completely on how I'm feeling. I listen to my breathing, I listen to how my body is feeling, I listen to my emotions and my self talk and use all those indicators to guide my running pace. I'm not an elite athlete, my goal in my running is to enjoy myself and hopefully keep my body and mind as healthy as possible.

I am a big subscriber to train consistently and injury free, and race hard, a lot of my self talk today was reminding myself that it is ok to hurt on race day, and it worked very well today.

I am a level 2 Recreational Run Coach accredited with Athletics Australia and I welcome combining any running advice within my Podiatry practice.

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